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Since 1986, when I completed seminary, I have held numerous secular jobs which have varied in responsibility. I have been pastoring Charleston Trinity Baptist Church in Charleston, South Carolina for the past eighteen years. It has been an exciting time where I have grown Spiritually and prayerfully, throwing off the acceptable norm because of the vision God gave me for the congregation and for this ministry. I feel that because of the "new wine", I have been systematically and repetitiously forced to go over things as I have moved from one stage of development to another. I have been prepared for almost anything, at anytime as I have tried to understand how the spiritual body functions and how to develop it. Although the congregation is strong, they have bitten into the will of our Lord. He has allowed his spirit to flow and been our defense, especially through distasteful and hurting moments.

In addition to my pastoring responsibilities, I have held various leadership positions within the community. These activities include, the Kiwanis Club, the Alzheimer's Board of Directors, Gathering of Businessmen USA Board Member, The Greater Charleston Clergy Association, a teacher at the Morris College School of Religion, the Charleston Baptist Association, the Ministerial Association, the Kairos Prison Ministry, Habitat for Humanity Board Member, Charleston Southern University Board of Trustees, Police Chaplain, Promise Keeper Council, Nehemiah Masonic Lodge No. 51 Chaplain. My participation in these various groups has allowed me to build skills in networking and partnering. I am most proud of the opportunities I have had to build relationships between cultures, across socio-economic and denominational lines. I clearly see how each of these opportunities has prepared me for the role of community builder, leader and facilitator. My approach to ministry is a direct reflection of my life experiences and the wisdom I have gained from interaction with others.

God is truly blessing.

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