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About the SHILOH 'TILL HE COMES Project
As we enter the 21st Century, faith-based entities are being focused upon as an essential resource for addressing a variety of social needs. Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, "communit(ies) should be viewed as koinonia which means living in a covenant relationship within a community". He also contends that as Christ lived in the midst of his enemies, so ought today's Christians. Therefore, by living a life in accordance with a Christ-like character, God orchestrated individuals to be a blessing to one another and their community. However, today's churches are facing multiple challenges; theological differences, blighted neighborhoods, aging population, and gentrification, both racially and economically. In addition, the communal church body lacks a strategic plan for transforming and sustaining the community and its' residents. Thus, the purpose of this research is twofold: to create a methodology that can identify the needs of the community for church leaders and their laity and to implement the methodology as the primary crux of a strategic plan to assist churches in identifying and addressing the needs of its community and constituents.

The principal problem this proposed research seeks to address is the creation of a methodology model that identifies unmet community needs. The creation of such a methodology will initially be developed and implemented within the urbanized area of the North Central neighborhood, which is located on the peninsula of Charleston, South Carolina. A survey will be administered to fifteen of the churches located within North Central. It is designed to assess the current ministries offered by each of the fifteen churches. Once the assessment of ministry is completed, demographic and statistical analyses will be done. Results will be compiled, along with a detailed discussion of the research's findings. Based upon the findings, a cooperative ministry of churches will be instituted. Their primary objectives will be to establish a center with a compendium of currently and newly formulated programs, which address the needs identified as a result of this study.

Rev. Herman R. Robinson, III

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